Well 2020 was certainly a year to remember for all the wrong reasons, Covid19, the historic Australian Bushfires and 2021 is still in the balance. However, some things don’t change.

Dining with Dedes Waterfront Group has always pride itself on its stunning waterfront views, fresh & quality food featuring Sydney’s best seafood and professional service with a smile. And in 2021 we’ve put measures in place to make sure in this time & era that your dining experience is safe and still as enjoyable as always.

Dedes Waterfront Group has been in the Sydney restaurant game since 1990 and over the last 3 decades, Kerrie and Con Dedes have opened and operated some of the finest dining venues on Sydney’s incredible waterfront. From take-away venues to cafes, from casual bistros to fine dining restaurants, there’s something to suit every occasion 365 days a year.

And when it does come to special occasions, dining with Dedes will hit the spot. From intimate anniversary lunches to milestone birthday celebrations, all our venues have their own style to suit. From the open, bright and spacious vibe at Deckhouse café, to the elegant grandeur of Flying Fish you’ll find the perfect location for that special gathering of family & friends with Dedes. And if you haven’t yet heard about our Ultimate Dining Seafari, well add it to your reading list now.

Okay so back to talking about the elephant in the room. Covid19 has certainly been a game changer for everyone in Sydney in 2021. We understand people feel some occasions are better suited to home. And with the new stunning Dedes Home Dining range you can host a bring the same exceptional food experience from our dining venues to into your home.

Planning on dining with us?

  • Deckhouse Woolwich
  • Watergrill Abbotsford
  • Watergrill Cronulla
  • Watergrill Kirribilli
  • Flying Fish @ The Star
  • Flying Fish & Chips @ The Star
  • Home Dining by Dedes